Saturday, September 13, 2014

8th Science - 9/15/14

9/ 17 - Experiment on the Placebo Effect.  Lab books will be given to you on Monday.  Use the lab book to write up your Scientific Methods of the Experiment.

9/18 - Copy and define vocabulary words in NB

9/19/ Weekly Quiz

7th Science - 9/15/14

9/16 - Copy and define vocabulary words from lesson in NB

9/18 - Draw and label the Skeletal System completely in NB

9/19 Weekly Quiz

6th Science - 9/15/14

9/17 - Copy and define vocabulary words from lesson plan in NB

6th Social Studies - 9/15/14

9/15 - Weekly Quiz

9/18 - Copy and define vocabulary words from lesson plan in NB

5th Science - 9/15/14

9/17 - In NB - Copy and define vocabulary words in NB
1. solar system                   6. revolution
2. celestial objects             7. rotation
3. planet                             8.  outer planets
4.  satellite                         9.  star
5. inner planet                  10.  moon

9/19 - Weekly Quiz

5th Social Studies - 9/15/14

9/15 - Weekly Vocabulary Quiz

9/18 -  In NB - Copy and define vocabulary word.

1.  Constitution
2.  democracy
3.  republic
4.  federal
5.  citizen
6.  civil rights
7.  decision
8.  alternatives
9.  evaluate

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekly Reminders - 9/8/14


Welcome to the new school year 2014-2015.  I am blessed and honored to have the opportunity to be part of your child's educational endeavors.   I look forward to building a relationship where we can all work together to foster and promote a successful and productive academic year for your child.  Here are some key elements to make it a smooth and constructed school year:

All homework must be completed neatly, following directions given in class, in pen unless told otherwise, and hand in when DUE! 

Students must be in proper uniform unless they are told to dress up or dress down!

Students must be prepared for all classes! 

Please read the monthly calendar, school blog, and the SIS for important updates on your child.  You will need a password for the SIS system to see your child's subject and behavioral grades.  Each of your child's teacher will have their lesson plans, events, homework, and other important details posted on the blog every week.

Please make sure your child comes to school on time.  When your child is late, classes are interrupted.  Tardiness will also prevent your child from getting honors.  If your child is absent, a note is required, if sick a doctor's note must be brought in.

If you need to meet with me, please make an appointment with the office. It is important that you meet with all 4 of your child's teachers frequently. Do not wait for report card, then it is too late for that quarter.  All meetings with parents are recorded and documented.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

8th Science - 9/8/14


9/10 - Research the placebo effect and write a report using the following questions:  What is the placebo effort?  How is it used in an experiment?  Why are placebos important in an experiment?
Why do scientists use placebos?

9/12 -Science Quiz

7th Science - 9/8/14


9/9 - Copy and define vocabulary words from lesson plan. NB

9/12 - Science Quiz

6th Science - 9/8/14


9/10 - Copy and define vocabulary words in NB

9/12 - Science Quiz

6th Social Studies - 9/8/14


9/9 - NB - Copy and define vocabulary words.

9/15 - (Monday)  Quiz

5th Science - 9/8/14


 9/10 - Copy and define vocabulary words from lesson plan in Science notebook.

9/12 -  Complete the hypothesis, research, material, and procedure for your experiment.  (As discussed in class, each student will come up with their own topic). Use the scientific method.  A reminder that you DO NOT have to do an actual project. Follow the format that you have in your NB.

9/12 - Science Quiz

5th Social Studies - 9/8/14


9/9 - Copy and define vocabulary words from lesson plan in notebook.

9/15 (Monday)  - Quiz

Saturday, August 2, 2014

September 2014-2015 School Supply List.

GRADE 7 AND 8TH:  2 Marbles notebook and 2 folders  AND the following:
  •  backpack (no wheels please)
  • 4 Marble composition notebooks
  •  loose leaf ( at least 2 packet for now)
  •  Pencil case
  • 4 pocket folders (pockets must be at the bottom)
  •   rulers
  •  pencil sharpener
  •   erasers
  •  PENCILS AND PENS (blue and black ink only)
  •  colored pencils
  •  construction paper
  •  USB 
  •   glue stick
  •  highlighters
  •  1 ream copy paper (81/2 x 11)
  •   scotch tape
  •  1 pair scissors
  •  index cards
  •  antibacterial soap
  •  hand sanitizer
  •  roll of paper towel
  •  cleaning wipes
  •  boxes of tissues

Parents and guardians with girls in 5th to 8th grades or anyone who is willing to donate, please send in sanitary napkins.  It will be kept in my classroom where the girls will have access to it in case of emergency.  In the past, some of the teachers would bring in supplies but too many of our girls would have emergencies or forget to bring it in.  Again, we are in need of Sanitary napkins! 
 Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer. 

Mrs. Ramsey.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekly Reminders - 6/16/14

EOY Exams will be administered this week.

6/17 - Mathematics and Social Studies

6/18 - ELA and Reading

6/19 - Science

Study guidelines were sent home 2 weeks ago.