Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weekly Reminders - 4/7/14

A reminder to students that you MUST bring in plastic bags to store your books for the Easter break no later than Tuesday.  Students will start packing up their books beginning Monday so the desks can be cleaned.

4/10 - Parents-Teacher Conference from 2PM - 7PM.  DISMISSAL @ 12:00 NOON

4/11 - Students are allow to wear dress-up clothes.  There will be an Easter party so students can bring in foods, Easter snacks and goodies to share with their classmates.  DISMISSAL @ 11:00AM.

Please read Mr. Woods' blog - for further information.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

8th Science - 3/17/14


3/18 - LL - Questions and answers:
What is a sphere?
How is it different from a circle?
Where is the Northern and Southern Hemispheres?
Where is the equator?
Where are the North and South Poles?
What are the names of the seasons?
How are the seasons different from one another?

3/19 - LL - Questions and answers

What is an axis?
Does the Earth tilt?
What does the Earth orbit?
How does the Earth rotate?
How can we act out axis, tilt, orbit, and rotate?
What is the name of the North Star?
Where does the Earth always tilt towards?

3/20 - What is the difference between direct and indirect light?
How does direct and indirect light affect the temperature of the
How big is the Sun compared to the Earth?
When are the two solstices?
When are the two equinoxes?