Sunday, November 23, 2014

8th Science -11/24/14


12/25 - On LL -Text:  Excerpt from Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion.  Short Response Question:

Read the excerpt from Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion.  What does this excerpt reveal about Isaac Newton?

Sir Isaac Newton is one of the most important scientists in history. He studied how the universe works and formulated laws of physics to help people understand things like gravity, motion and light. Isaac Newton also invented the branch of mathematics known as calculus. It can be said that he used math to explain the world (or at least some things about it).

Isaac Newton was born in England in 1642. His interest in science developed early. As a boy, he made sundials, model windmills, a water clock and a mechanical carriage.

7th Science - 11/24/14


11/25 - On LL.  Answer each of the following questions.  Paraphrase the questions.

1.  What is the difference between a communicable and non-communicable disease? 
2.  What causes communicable disease and how are they transmitted? 
3.  What should you think about in order to keep from getting a communicable disease?

6th Science - 11/24/14


11/25 - In NB.  Copy questions and answer each question completely and neatly.  Skip lines.

1. What is the hypothesis of continental drift?
2. List the evidence that supported the hypothesis of continental drift.
3. What was one of the main objections to Wegener’s continental drift hypothesis?
4. What is Pangaea?

6th Social Studies - 11/24/14

5th Science - 11/24/14

5th Social Studies - 11/24/14


11/25 - Complete the 3 paragraphs that were started in class.  Columbus and Magellan in NB

Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekly Reminders - 11/17/14

11/21 - Early Dismissal -Report Card -  Parent-teachers Conference - 1:00PM - 7:00PM

11/21 - NO Science Weekly Quizzes

11/24 - NO Social Studies Weekly Quizzes

8th Science - 11/17/14


11/18 - Sketch of Rover

11/19 - Copy and define vocabulary words from lesson plan in NB

7th Science - 11/17/14


11/19 - Copy and define vocabulary words from lesson plan in NB

11/24 - Research paper on how alcohol and affect your brain functioning.  2 page report. 12 font. Times New Romans, black ink, double space, and 1 inch margins on all 4 sides.  MUST have at least 3 references on separate sheet.

6th Science - 11/17/14


11/18 - Copy and define vocabulary words from lesson plan in NB

6th Social Studies - 11/17/14


11/20 - Copy and define vocabulary words from lesson plan in NB.  Use internet for definitions

5th Science - 11/17/14


11/20 - On LL. Write a paragraph (6-8) sentences on what you learned about weather.  Include the proper terms and vocabulary in your paragraph.

5th Social Studies - 11/17/14


11/19 -   Questions on pages 152-153 - On LL

1.        Three of these explorers reached what is today the United States.  Who were they and what areas did they explore?
2.       What did Balboa accomplish in 1513?
3.       How were the Spanish changed by their arrival in the Americas?
4.       If you could go on an expedition with any of these explorers or conquistadors, which one would you choose?  Explain.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

8th Science - 11/10/14


11/13 - On LL - Textbook p. 188.  Section Assessment # 1 & 2.  AND using Math.  Write out questions and show work.  DO NOT COPY FROM EACH OTHER.

7th Science - 11/10/14


11/13 - In NB - Draw and label the ear on page 609.  Will be assessed on drawings.